AyurVeda – The Knowledge of Wellness and Life

A knowledge that is rich in observations, experiments and techniques for a successful and harmonious wellbeing in toto, handed by the Great Seers, who immersed themselves in study of nature within and without. By categorizing the possible “doshas” of human physiology and studying their impacts on organs and systems including our skin, the knowledge of natural treatments and medicines in the form of herbs and oils are given to us.

Skin Breathes. Skin Tastes. Skin Sees. Skin Feels. Skin Reacts. Skin has an amazing infrastructure that helps to heal, restore, grow and nourish. By slapping the toxic chemicals that are so alarmingly present in the many common skin products we use, we subject our skin to repeatedly harsher and destructive nature. Next time you put on those harsh chemicals on the face, please stop for a moment. Listen to your skin, and give a try to the amazing Ayurveda and natural skin care solutions, for revealing your natural radiance and glow!


We need to have a sensible, minimalist and loving approach towards our skin and our beauty. Hence Ayurveda and natural solutions that provide growing and nourishing environment for skin are of utmost importance.

This website presents some of the most noteworthy and proven natural solutions for skin care. Almost all of the India continues to cherish its deep romantic affair with turmeric, coconut, basil, neem and the like. There are many other parts of the world which have vast knowledge and experience in natural products that are rich and nourishing for the skin.

We hope to help our readers in choosing from amongst these natural skin care solutions, present some top brands that are sincere and unadulterated in their product quality, and help in planning for a skin care regimen which is harmonious with nature.

Nourish Your Skin Naturally ! It is That Simple ! Really !